How to make delicious sake-kasu ice-cream? Sake lees specialist made it according to a basic recipe!

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This time, we introduce 'really good sake lees ice-cream'.

What happens when you add sakekasu to a basic vanilla ice-cream recipe that uses milk + cream + eggs? We actually made it!

Make sake lees ice-cream!

Ingredients for making ice cream with sake lees.

Ingredients: approx. 1 serving

❒ Wine meal 22g

Milk ❒ 85㎖

❒ Fresh cream 25㎖

18 g ❒ granulated sugar

❒ 1 egg yolk

❒ A pinch of vanilla essence

❒ (outside the portion) お水 1 degree less

Now, let's make the basic ice-cream based on the basic ice-cream recipe.

[How to make it].

1) First, stir the egg yolks thoroughly until they turn white.

Stirring egg yolks to make sake lees ice-cream.

(2) Shake the sake lees all over with water, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for about 30 seconds.

There are many ways to soften sake lees, but 'water + microwave' is the quickest.

Water is poured over sake lees to make sake lees ice-cream.

Unwrapping sake lees to make sake lees ice-cream.

(iii) Add the milk, cream and granulated sugar, heat and stop when the mixture comes to a simmering boil around the edges. Then add the sake lees from (2) and mix thoroughly.

Granulated sugar in milk in the process of making sake lees ice cream.

(iv) Add the warmed sake lees milk to the egg yolks in (i) and strain through a colander to make a smooth mixture.

Mix egg yolks and sake lees to make sake lees ice-cream

(5) Lightly warm the eggs. Use a low heat and stop the heat once the edge of the pan is slightly boiling. Keep the heat low to keep the mixture warm, as boiling will cause it to lose its texture. It is OK if it warms up a little.

To make sake lees ice-cream, heat a liquid mixture of sake lees and egg yolks.

(vi) Remove the pan from the heat and place it in ice water or similar to cool. Add vanilla essence to taste. (You don't have to add it this time as the recipe calls for a small amount.)

(vii) Stir to whisk, then place in a covered container or similar and freeze in the freezer.

During the process, stir every 30 minutes~1 hour or so to aerate. If you have a gelato maker, use it.

(7) Complete!

Finished sake lees ice-cream

It has a slight yellow colour because of the egg. Delicious sake lees ice-cream, ready to serve!

I was worried about the unique smell and taste of sake lees, but the milk and cream create a richness that counteracts it well.


Try some sake-kasu ice-cream, the way sake-kasu specialists do it!

In this case, 20% sake lees was added to the amount of 'milk + cream'.

Sake lees flavour is present, but the richness of the eggs and milk is strong and may be a little lacking for those who want to enjoy the sake lees flavour.

Also, as the sake lees is rice, it has a 'crunch' to the texture.

The texture is a little rougher on the tongue than normal ice cream, which is a new texture. That's because the rice in the sake lees remains in the ice cream!

This time I made sake-kasu ice-cream by adapting a basic vanilla ice-cream recipe, but next time I'd like to make some more maniacal sake-kasu ice-cream!

▼ Here is the sake lees ice cream developed by 'Hacco to go!

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▼ The Niigata branch of Hacco to go! You can enjoy a 'fermented shake' with the refreshing taste of frozen yoghurt.

Sakekasu,Ice cream,Gelato,Fermented food,Sake,Health,Koji,Yeast,Recipes



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Sakekasu,Ice cream,Gelato,Fermented food,Sake,Health,Koji,Yeast,Recipes

Sakekasu,Ice cream,Gelato,Fermented food,Sake,Health,Koji,Yeast,Recipes

Sakekasu,Ice cream,Gelato,Fermented food,Sake,Health,Koji,Yeast,Recipes


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