Products containing collagen are meaningless! Aim for beautiful skin with 'α-EG' in sake lees!

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We have developed JOGURT, a special fermented food from Niigata - lactic acid fermented sake lees - and operate a drinks stand offering 100% plant-based shakes and gelato.

Sakekasu is one of Japan's oldest fermented foods.

It is a superfood that contains a miracle of nutrients not found in other fermented foods, involving not only koji but also yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

In this issue, we would like to delve into the beautiful skin benefits produced by sake lees under the theme of 'collagen'.

Did you know that eating collagen does not turn it into skin collagen?

'Collagen-infused' products were popular a while ago.

I thought they claimed to have plump skin.

In fact, eating collagen does not directly turn it into collagen for your skin.

It has been scientifically proven, and it seems that consuming only various products such as pots and jellies containing collagen does not increase the amount of collagen in your skin.


Alpha-EG (alpha-ethyl glucoside) to increase collagen density in the skin

So how can we increase collagen in our skin?

The answer is α-EG, an ingredient found in sake lees.

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A joint study by Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Kurumada Shuzo has shown that α-EG increases the collagen density of the skin.

What's more, α-EG is an ingredient formed by the saccharification and fermentation of rice by koji and yeast, so it's only found in sake and sake-kasu! This leaves us with no choice but to consume sake and sake-kasu every day.

Functions of sake lees that make you happy.

Sake lees is also effective in increasing collagen density. It is also said to have other benefits for whitening, anti-ageing, bowel health and anaemia.

However, many people think sake lees are hard to handle ......, but in fact there are a lot of great things about them, such as their resistance to heat and the fact that they can be used in small quantities! Let's take a little peek at what it's all about.

(i) Heat resistant.

This is great information for those who don't like the alcoholic taste, as the ingredients are not destroyed when heated, so heat can be applied to release the alcohol!

(ii) Less is better.

If it is sake, even just one cup (approx. 50㎖) of sake is said to have that effect. Furthermore, as sake-kasu contains more α-EG than sake, it seems to be effective even if you just eat a mouthful every day. It is all the more pleasing that you can get beautiful skin just by eating a little bit of sake-kasu every day.

(iii) Age is irrelevant.

Even a 50-year-old, or even a 60-year-old, can increase collagen from the inside from the day they start eating it.

Moreover, the effect is greater in older people than in younger ones.

・・・・・ is such a dream ......(lol)

In fact, when I drink sake with my friends, I often say to them, "Your skin really looks good the next day!" I often say to myself, "My skin feels really good the next day! This was thanks to α-EG, wasn't it?

(iv) Low price.

Since I started developing sake lees products, I have eliminated unnecessary cosmetics. I used to spend 8,000 yen or 5,000 yen for a bottle of milky lotion or beauty essence. I used to buy them without any doubts because I thought it was a matter of course, but now I really don't put them on anything.

I feel that Japanese fermented food is truly amazing, as it can even regulate the condition of your skin from the inside out.

Eating luxury beauty products Sake lees

The food we eat absorbs nutrients in the small intestine and these nutrients reach the whole body via the blood. By taking sake lees, which contains collagen-producing α-EG, collagen is produced throughout the body.

I think it would be no exaggeration to say that this is now a luxury serum that you can eat.

If you have tried various fermented foods but have not noticed much change, why not try the Japanese fermented food Sakekasu?

JOGURT, a lactobacillus-fermented sake lees yoghurt that can easily incorporate sake lees every day.

Lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees plant-based yoghurt JOGURT

How can I consume sake lees, even though I only need a little bit every day? It is quite difficult. ...... We would like to recommend the lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees yoghurt JOGURT to such people.

It's easy to use! Just make a smoothie with fruits and vegetables and drink it.

Otherwise, it can easily be mixed with tomato juice or simply with almond milk or soy milk.

This is something you can continue to do every day. The sake lees are heated before lactic acid bacteria fermentation to remove the alcohol (*), so even those who don't like the unique smell of sake lees are OK!


Don't you think it is cheaper than buying supplements if you can expect effects such as beautiful skin, whitening, anti-ageing, intestinal activity and even anaemia just by continuing to drink these?

'Fermented shakes' made from sake lees, available at shops in Niigata Station.

▲Fermented shakes, available at shops in Niigata Station.

If you want to try it out before buying and making your own, you can also try a fermented shake at the new "Hacco to go!" at Niigata Station.

This drink has a refreshing frozen yoghurt-like taste and is recommended even for those who do not like sake lees.

Why don't you make a habit of living with Sake-Lees in an easy and tasty way? Take sake lees every day, and together we can achieve beautiful skin that's hydrated!

▼ If you want to know more about Hacco to go! Niigata Station branch, click here.

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