Sake journey from Niigata to the Hasegawa Sake Brewery, a 180-year-old sake brewery in the brewing town of Setagaya, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, a centre of sake brewing.

tokyoIt takes about two hours by bullet train from niigataprefecture to nagaokacity.

nagaokais blessed with clear water, air and rich soil, and is a rice-producing region and home to 16 sake breweries. Among them is a rare brewery supported by women, hasegawaSake Brewery.

Hasegawa Sake Brewery, a sake brewery that has been in existence for about 180 years in the brewing town of Setagaya.

hasegawaThe brewery is located in the brewing town of settaya. The town has six breweries dating back to the edoera, and is lined with earthen storehouses and other buildings that have remained from that time.

At the far end of the town is the hasegawabrewery.

Hasegawa Sake Brewery, a sake brewery that has been in existence for about 180 years in the brewing town of Setagaya.

The brewery has been brewing sake that blends well with a wide range of dishes, including Western as well as Japanese cuisine, for about 180 years, with a focus on careful manual work rather than relying on machines. The brewery continues to produce soft, easy-drinking sake that is loved by local people.

And this warehouse is a women's warehouse supported by a mother and daughter.

It is characterised by sake with a soft, feminine taste, while preserving the traditions inherited from its predecessors. In recent years, the brewery has been ambitiously expanding its exports, so you may one day be able to find hasegawasake from the brewery in your home country. When you visit Setagaya, please visit the hasegawasake brewery.

hasegawaAbout a 10-minute walk from the brewery is LIS settaya, a renovated warehouse built in 1930 and home to niigata's collection of brewed liqueurs and regional products. settayaWhile you're enjoying a walk around niigata, stop by LIS settayafor some unique souvenirs.

LIS Setagaya, a renovated storehouse built in 1930 in the brewing town of Setagaya.

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LIS settaya Japan

LOCAL IDENTITY STORE 'LIS Setsudaya' A storehouse built in 1930 was renovated to collect local values and lifestyle. The building itself has its own charm with a reinforced concrete structure with two floors above ground and one below, known as a French truss. The shop offers a space that can only be experienced here, and a sense of the quality of Niigata's products and lifestyle gathered from the region.

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