Ideal for sake beginners. SAKEPOST, a regular delivery service where you can enjoy a small amount of sake to compare.

'I want to try sake, but I don't know where to start!'

Have you ever thought of it this way?

It is said that there are more than 10,000 brands of sake. With that many varieties, it can be a challenge to choose the sake you like best. Moreover, the most common size is the 720 ml four-pack. Naturally, a four-part bottle allows you to enjoy a wide variety of sake, but if you are a beginner and suddenly try this size, you may not be able to finish it, or it may take a long time and lose its flavour.

SAKEPOST solves these problems and allows you to enjoy new encounters with sake, with three different types of sake delivered to your home in 100ml portions. 'I want to compare sake in small quantities!' I'm not a strong sake drinker, but I want to learn more about sake!" This service is perfect for people who want to compare sake in small quantities.

In this issue, we give you some basic information on what SAKEPOST is all about and how you can enjoy the service!


  1. SAKEPOST, a regular sake delivery service that allows users to compare drinks in small quantities.
  2. It's participatory, it's fun! How to enjoy SAKEPOST 120%.
  3. Have your own fun sake life!


SAKEPOST, a regular sake delivery service that allows users to compare drinks in small quantities.

Sent in 3 x 100 ml.

SAKEPOST sends three 100 ml x 100 ml bottles of sake to your home every month. This is a great service for sake beginners as it's less than one sake bottle (180ml)! It's a product for people who are interested in sake but can't quite get their hands on it to enjoy.

Three different types of sake per month, so if you subscribe to one plan, you will have access to 36 different types of sake per year. You will not be sent the same brand of sake for at least 12 months. So, find out what you like from the different types of sake sent to you every month!

It's participatory, it's fun! How to enjoy SAKEPOST 120%.

So how should you enjoy the sake you receive? Here's how to enjoy your SAKEPOST!

1) First, let's have some sake!

100 ml of sake in a pouch.

When you receive a SAKEPOST, open one and drink it first - the brand name is not written on the SAKEPOST. This is because we want you to feel sake without preconceptions, without worrying about whether the brand is famous or not. So please drink it without looking at the brand name first.

(ii) QR code for stocks!

Scan the QR code to see the brand name.

When you have finished drinking, you can now check the brand by scanning the QR code on the back of the pouch, which will take you to a dedicated page. There, you will find not only the brand name, but also the sake degree, degree of rice polishing and the name of the brewery. As you look at the information, remember what it tasted like.

(iii) Answer the questions and find out what people think!

Fill in the questionnaire to create taste data for everyone.

Fill in the questionnaire and you can see other people's data.

Once you have checked the information on the brands, now scroll down and answer the questions at the bottom. A total of four or five questions about taste, aroma, what kind of food you'd like to pair it with, etc! You can answer them quickly, so take it easy.

When you answer a question, you will see the answers given by people who have previously drank this sake through the SAKEPOST service. One of the best parts is the sense of togetherness of "people drinking the same sake" as you compare your impressions with everyone else's. You can even share the page with your impressions on SNS, so be sure to tell everyone you know what you think of the taste!

(iv) Save your favourite sake & note down the flavours!

Record the taste of sake in your own personal memo.

Do you ever think, "That was delicious!" and then decide to buy it later, but can't remember the brand or taste? But not with SAKEPOST! You can register your favourite sake using the 'Favourite button' on the brand's information page, or write your impressions in the memo space. Create your own sake book so that you can easily remember your favourite sake when you look back on it later.

5) Send a message or stamp to the brewery!

Messages may also be sent to the brewery.

After checking everyone's taste data, scroll further. Then there's the 'POST to the brewery!' function, where you can send a message to the brewery. From honest opinions to messages of support, send a message to your favourite brewery. The breweries are very happy to receive your comments. You may even get a reply from the brewery at a later date! You can check this from your My Page, so please check it out!

*Some breweries may find it difficult to reply. Please understand in advance.

And yet, "I don't have time!" I don't know what to write!" you can also use stamps to express your impressions in a casual manner. For creators, customer feedback is the most valuable thing. Please feel free to send messages and stamps.

Have your own fun sake life!


SAKEPOST" not only allows you to compare drinks, but also to enjoy it proactively while participating in the service itself. Of course you can enjoy it at home, but because it's palm-sized, you can even take it outside to enjoy it while cherry blossom viewing, camping or fishing!

Please find your own way of enjoying sake and SAKEPOST life.

If you're interested in SAKEPOST, click here!

● Sales page for Japan ( https://sakepost.jp )

● Sales page for countries outside Japan ( https://japan-sakepost.com/fs1 )


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