Kura Master 2022 Gold medal for Go (GO) VINO at the Sake Competition.

Tsunan Jozo K.K. (Head office: Tsunan-machi, Naka-uonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture, President: Atsushi Kabasawa, hereafter Tsunan Jozo) entered its own brand of sake, Go (GO) VINO, in the Junmai-shu category of the Kura Master 2022 sake competition and won the gold award.

On 6 June 2022, the results of the Kura Master 2022 Sake Competition were announced and it was announced that 'Go (GO) VINO' had won the Gold Award in the Junmai Sake category.

The Kura Master 2022 Sake Competition is a sake competition for French people on French soil, which has been held since 2017. The jury is made up of mainly French and European professionals from the food and beverage industry, including MOF holders, the French state's highest artisanal qualification, as well as top sommeliers, barmans and curbists from France's leading hotels, restaurants, hotels and culinary schools.

While there are various competitions for Japanese alcoholic beverages around the world, Kura Master focuses on "food and drink compatibility", which is also part of France's historical food culture.

The evaluation method is a 100-point scoring system. The judging criteria are aimed at French people and the French market. The judging criteria are developed by the jury with reference to wine competitions held in France and the evaluation method is determined by the jury.


▷Kura Master 2022 Sake competition judging results.




Sake,Niigata Sake,Sustainable Sake Brewing,GO,VINO,KURA MASTER,Awards



Sake,Niigata Sake,Sustainable Sake Brewing,GO,VINO,KURA MASTER,Awards




Sake,Niigata Sake,Sustainable Sake Brewing,GO,VINO,KURA MASTER,Awards


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