Enjoy the "Niigata Sake Festival", whether you participate or not!

Reopening of the 'main camp' after four years!

On 11 and 12 March 2023, Niigata SAKE no JINwill be held for the first time in four years.

This is an event that fans of Niigata sake from all over the country, and indeed the world, have been waiting for.

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Two sessions per day (10-1pm and 2-5pm), each with a capacity of 3,000 people.

Tickets with seats cost 5,000 yen and without seats 3,500 yen.

As of early March, it is already almost sold out.

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CUSHU Techo distributed to visitors (first 20,000 visitors) until 2019.

Compared to the scale of the event, which was held until 2019, the number of visitors allowed in is about one tenth.

Unfortunately, many people may not have been able to get tickets.

So, along with how to enjoy the event for those who attend.

People who cannot attend can also enjoy themselves on the day of the "Niigata Sake Festival".

I'll also give you some special information.

A new style, more comfortable and safer.

The format of this year's event was decided after much deliberation by the Niigata Sake-no-jin Executive Committee, based on the experience of the Niigata Sake-no-jin NEXT event held in October last year at the Bandaijima Multipurpose Square opposite Toki Messe.

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Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT in October 2022.


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Shuntaro Saito, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 'Niigata Sake no Jin'.

'We came up with this style with the aim of making the event more comfortable and safe for people to enjoy,' explains organising committee chair Shuntaro Saito ( KIRINZANsake brewery).

'Even before the Corona Disaster, ' Niigata SAKE no JIN' had been visited by more than 100,000 people over two days, which presented a problem in terms of comfort. When we tried to move to a ticket system to solve this, unfortunately it was cancelled due to the Corona disaster. To reopen the event, we faced a major challenge in terms of safety as well as comfort," he recalls.

While the timing and style of implementation has always been sought, the success of Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT was cited as the reason for the decision to hold the main event for the first time in four years.


'As a test case, we set a limit on the number of visitors and a time limit, and we were able to run the event smoothly to the satisfaction of our customers, which gave us a good feeling about the response we received. We settled on this style of event in light of the many opinions we received in the visitor survey: 'I want a place to sit down'.


If you have reserved seats, your seat number is printed on the ticket, The seating chart is posted on the official website of the Niigata Sake-no-jin (Niigata Sake Festival). It is recommended to check the seating chart on the "Niigata Sake-no-jin official website" before the event to ensure a smooth experience on the day.

Make the most of the 30 minutes after the doors open

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80 sake breweries will participate in this year's event on both days. You can taste the best sake from about 90% of the breweries in the prefecture.

Tastings are held in plastic cups provided by the breweries. The best part of the sake camp is to receive several in one batch and enjoy comparing them at the table.

The organising committee is currently considering trays for cups, but it would be good to prepare original and easy-to-use ones; at NEXT we saw many people who had prepared handmade trays using boxes and cardboard, as well as kits for placing cups and knobs in a necklace style. I was impressed and at the same time could feel the enthusiasm of the visitors for the tasting (laughing).


Tastings are available 30 minutes after the doors open.

In the 30 minutes before that, you can preview the booths or "buy the products at the sake brewery booths, which start selling their products right after the doors open, so you can buy them and taste them at a reserved seat or a free table", says Saito.

A list of the 80 breweries that will be exhibiting their wares is also available on the official website, so it is a good idea to check in advance what you want to buy as a souvenir and buy it during this 30-minute period.

Delivery companies will have stalls both on the ground floor and on the esplanade on the second floor.


There will also be a wide range of Niigata-style snacks to enhance the taste of Niigata sake. Twelve food and beverage booths are scheduled to open this year. The planned menu is also introduced on the website.

Enjoy the

Enjoy the

Enjoy the At the Take-Toku Kamaboko booth, a familiar feature of the Niigata Sake Festival.

Prawn shinjo and fried fish cakes will be sold.


Enjoy the

Enjoy the

At the 'Noriba Shokudo Shiosai (Sado Kisen)' booth,

Sado beef sukiyaki with hearty portions and sake! Cod milt stew and more will be on sale.

Popular items may sell out, so it is a good idea to procure snacks as soon as the doors open.

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This time, original ochoko will be available for sale in the opening hall, costing 300 yen (tax included) per piece.

Should be purchased as a souvenir!

You can buy alcohol without a ticket!

If you were unable to purchase tickets, visit the esplanade connected to the Sado Steamship Terminal Niigata Port.

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The esplanade will be lined with 'Niigata Sake no Jin' merchandise booths as before, but anyone can shop there, even those without a ticket. The main venue has a two-part system, but the esplanade is not divided into time slots, so shopping is possible even between the first and second parts of the day.

Even better, there will also be a Niigata sake sales booth on the esplanade.

If you want to buy alcohol for dinner or as a gift, don't miss this opportunity.


Of course, there is also a range of exclusive ' Niigata SAKE no JIN' merchandise other than alcoholic beverages.

Limited-edition T-shirts, ante-bags, tote bags, tenugui hand towels, sake bags, ochoko straps and even skincare products such as sake brewery face masks. Sake ware featuring Niigata's proud craftsmanship will also be on sale. Various snacks from Kashimaya and Sennen Koujiya will also be available to check out.


Finally, Saito-san gave a message to Niigata sake fans.

'This year's Niigata SAKE no JINis designed to be more relaxed than the previous editions. Take your time when moving around the venue and within the venue. Enjoy the taste of Niigata sake and communication with the breweries. Be careful not to drink too much.

If you were unable to purchase tickets this time, look forward to the next time. On the day of the event, please enjoy shopping at the Esplanade while feeling the unique atmosphere of the 'Niigata Sake no Jin'."

Enjoy the Photo is an image.

See the new style at Niigata SAKE no JIN!


Photo cooperation: taketoku kamaboko, Sado Kisen, Shinsei.


Editor-in-chief of cushu Techo and Niigata Hatsu R



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