50 g sakekasu a day, first for two weeks. We'll show you how to eat it, and how to keep it up!

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Hacco to go! is a shop specialising in sake lees & fermentation, run by Niigata-based FARM8 Co.

Niigata is a major sake producing country, but it is also a major sake-kasu producing country.

Sakekasu is the final by-product of sake, which is made from rice fermented by koji and yeast. It is rich in nutritional value, and sake-kasu, which is double fermented by these two types of bacteria, has also been found to contain ingredients not found in other foodstuffs.

That's why we at Hacco to go! Niigata Station Store, specialising in Sake Lees & Fermentation, are

[Try 50g of sake lees a day for two weeks first.

This is what we recommend, but one of the problems is that, unlike other ingredients, there are few recipes and articles on how to actually eat sakekasu and how to make it taste good.

For this reason, Hacco to go! offers recipes that make it easy to eat sakekasu.

Please take a look at this magazine.

Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation

To tell you a little about it, it is recommended to freeze sake lees if you want to eat them as they are.

It can be eaten plop, just like eating ice cream, and the peculiar aroma is reduced.

Baking is also recommended.

It is made from rice, so when it is cold it has a sticky texture and sticks to your teeth quite a lot (laughs). But when it is warmed up, the starch is alpha-alpha-alpha-ised, making it crispy and easier to eat. I don't like the texture of sake-kasu! Baked Sake-Lees may be easier to eat for those who are not so fond of the texture of Sake-Lees.

I've written a recipe for 'Baked Sake Lees' before, see here!

Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation

Also, if you do not like the taste of sake lees itself, it is recommended to combine it with something with a stronger flavour.

Curry, pizza sauce, dried prunes and mayonnaise are ingredients that make sake lees easier to eat.

However, many people do not know how to consume 50 g a day.

When I searched the internet for information on how to tell you about this, I found an article by 'Shibuya-ku Auntie/Fermentation Nurse' who actually devised her own way of eating 50g of sake lees a day.

This person has already noticed a change in their skin in one week...

He also introduces some tasty ways to eat sake lees.

Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation

Sake lees is a highly recommended ingredient for those who are suffering from various ailments and are thinking of trying to adjust their intestinal environment.

We hope you will use these recipes and ideas and try to include sake-kasu in your daily diet.

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Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation

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Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation



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Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation

Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation

Sake lees,Sake,Beauty,Healthy food,Fermentation


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