Tsunan Sake Brewery Announces Launch of New Sake Brand “Yukikamoshi”, Niigata Snow Brewed Sake – Interview with CEO Kabasawa 2/2

Tsunan, Niigata (August 4th, 2022) — Tsunan sake brewery is proud to announce the launch of ”Yukikamoshi”, its newest sake brand brewed with Niigata snow in Japan. With a core mission “Brew for future”, Tsunan is more than just a Japanese sake, it is a lifestyle. Proudly rooted in Tsunan, our sake embodies the spirit of coexistence and the remarkable quality found in the region.

I’m asking 3 more questions to Mr. Atsushi Kabasawa to find out more about his sake mission and vision statement, the sake culture in Niigata, and what he has planned for the future.

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Tsunan Sake Brewery Announces Launch of New Sake Brand "Yukikamoshi", Sake Brewed with Niigata Snowー Interview with CEO Kabasawa 2/2“Yukikamoshi”

5.“Brew for future” is the main part of Tsunan’s philosophy. What’s your approach to expressing them?

I want people to experience a harmony with nature. The impact of industrialization on the environment has led the way with certain positive and large negative outcomes. With that purpose in mind, it’s important to make sake well. Because sake brewing is a means to connect people. 

We think the community involvement always comes first and that results in happy experiences by meeting customer needs. Brewing sake is requiring skillful incorporation of the power of nature with a little bit of human touch. For all of our sake, we will brew community sake for our bright future.

6. What has been the most challenging part of your journey ?

Our company was on the verge of collapse and I was in debt for a year. I had business admin experience in the food industry but no experience in the sake business world. In this sense, I was the company president but also a rookie. There were actually lot of aged sake in a tank, so I tried my best to calculate sales to pay off debt. But the most challenge part was building rapport with my team members. Our Toji (master sake brewer) has the artisan spirit and if he says “No”, then that means “No”. So I tried my best to make enough time to discuss and make sure that doesn’t happen. I think team development has been the most difficult overall.

7. Where do you find inspiration as you take the brewery forward ?

The values that guide our decision making are spelled out in 8 MINDS. Put simply, 8 MINDS challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first. 8 MINDS is more than just a moral compass. We believe it’s a recipe for community business success.


① LAND borrowed from children

土地は先祖からの授かりものでなく、子供たちからの預かり物 (未来に返さなくてはいけない)



③ Constellations


④ Plus-SUM Market


⑤ Water springs from the land


⑥ Redesign local food






Brewing sake in Tsunan sake brewery is not industrialization. That’s more like entertainment as a community-development. I’d like to collaborate with people who have the same philosophy and culture as ours to create products, and share them with every sake drinkers around the world.

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Tsunan Sake Brewery Announces Launch of New Sake Brand "Yukikamoshi", Sake Brewed with Niigata Snowー Interview with CEO Kabasawa 2/2“Yukikamoshi”


▷Sake Style: Junmai Daiginjo-shu.

▷Rice polishing ratio: 40%

▷Ingredients: Rice (Japanese), Rice koji (Japanese)

* All rice is from Tsunan, Niigata Prefecture.

▷Alcohol content: 15%.

▷Content: 720ml

More details of “Yukikamoshi” can be found at


You can oder directly from this online store, as well as internationally.

“Brew for future ~共生する未来を醸成する~”

New sustainable concept "Brew for future" by Tsunan Sake Brewery in NiigataNew sustainable concept “Brew for future” by Tsunan Sake Brewery in Niigata

Founded in 1996, Tsunan sake brewery is the maker of quality ethical sake.

Our mission is to achieve the new lifestyle, living with Sakagura.

For more information, including the products, visit Tsunan Sake Brewery


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