A variety of delicious snacks made from Niigata rice.

When you hear the word 'rice cracker', the first thing you probably think of is 'rice cracker'.

In addition to rice crackers, Niigata has a wide range of other rice snacks.

In this issue, we introduce some recommendations from among rice crackers other than rice crackers.

  1. Sasa dango - a typical Niigata rice snack, made from steamed glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are characterised by their mild sweetness and sticky texture.
  2. Yokan - Yokan from Niigata's long-established Japanese confectionery, Echino Kanmei Honpo, is popular for its moist texture and rich flavour.
  3. Nerikiri - rice crackers made from steamed and ground glutinous rice, flavoured with red bean paste or soybean flour. It is characterised by its soft texture and savoury flavour.
  4. Hotarumochi - a glutinous rice snack made in Minami Ward, Niigata City, which is grilled over charcoal before being coated with honey. It is characterised by its glutinous texture and sweetness.
  5. KARINTOU - Thinly sliced glutinous rice, deep-fried to a crispy texture. Can be eaten with sweet food or enjoyed with tea or coffee.

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