What happens if you keep eating sakekasu for two weeks? [Lactobacillus fermented sake lees yoghurt 'JOGURT' experience report].

'You're still constipated. ......'

'Maybe it's the change of season, but my skin is not feeling well. ......'

As you get older, you may experience more physical problems, such as not being able to move as much as you would like or having a stomach ache when you haven't done anything wrong.

It is to such people that I would highly recommend the ancient Japanese superfood sakekasu. It is an excellent product for regulating the intestinal environment and skin tone.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothies▲Sake lees are said to have so many benefits.

Although: ......

'What are the actual benefits of continuing to eat them?' Some people may wonder.

So this time, our staff (women in their 30s) suffering from physical problems tried JOGURT, a lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees yoghurt developed by Hacco to go, for two weeks!

We will report how we arranged it and what effects were actually shown. I am a staff member, but I write frankly, so if you are interested in the effects of sake lees, I hope you will read on without any doubts.

What kind of product is lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees yoghurt 'JOGURT'?


First, let's introduce JOGURT, the lactic acid bacteria-fermented sake lees yoghurt that we tried for two weeks.

Lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees yoghurt 'JOGURT' is a plant-based yoghurt made from a cross between sake lees and lactic acid bacteria. It can be eaten as it is, made into smoothies with bananas or blueberries, or as a dressing.

And because it is alcohol-free, you can have it in the morning, at lunchtime or at any time of the day! Sakekasu amazake cannot be drunk before driving because it contains alcohol, but with JOGURT, which is alcohol-free, this is not a problem. You can drink it with your meal at breakfast.


Lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees yoghurt 'JOGURT' 2-week challenge starts!

So let's get started with the two-week challenge start of JOGURT, lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees yoghurt.

The JOGURT was ordered from the online store and sent to us frozen. It is frozen to a crisp, so it is placed in the fridge to thaw.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,SmoothiesYou can think of JOGURT as a daily intake of 50 g. You can imagine using up one of these in a week.

Accompanying you is a recipe for a smoothie using 'JOGURT' and a checklist that allows you to feel the effects of sakekasu. First check your current state and feel what changes appear after one or two weeks.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothies

Now, once defrosted, you can immediately make a smoothie.

I took a little bit of it to see what it tasted like as it was.

Ugh, quite sour...! It's quite sour, so I couldn't eat it as it is.

'I wonder if it would taste better if I added jam for extra sweetness', but first I make the smoothie according to the recipe on the official website.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothies

The first thing I tried was a banana smoothie. ( See recipe here)

I immediately drank it, oh, it's delicious...!

The sweetness of the banana makes the sourness of the 'JOGURT' disappear and makes it very drinkable. I drank it all in one gulp!

Now, what are the benefits of sake lees that you are interested in ......?

Unfortunately, on the first day, it still didn't work for me.

But the effects seem to depend on the person. Just one glass of the Fermentation Shake sold at Niigata Station, which also uses JOGURT, is enough to make you feel great the next day! Some staff say they feel great from the next day.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothies'Fermentation Shake' available at Niigata Station.

We will be looking at the effects in the slightly longer term.

On the second day, instead of a smoothie, I split it 1:1 with almond milk. (Recipe here)

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothies

I drank it as it was on the first day and experienced the sourness, so I was dreading it. ......

Oh, yummy!

It was a little more acidic than the smoothie, but the sweetness of the almond milk helped to offset the acidity.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothiesブルーベリーのスムージーはかなり色鮮やか(レシピはこちら

Thus, the third, fourth and fifth days followed, and before you know it, it's a week.

I used to suffer from stomach pains whenever I ate too much tempura, fried in oil or fatty sashimi, but since I started JOGURT I have not had stomach pains even if I eat too much.

In my case, the constipation remained the same, but the frequency of abdominal pain decreased and my stomach started to clear up without pain. The results gradually became apparent.

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothiesトマトジュースで1:1で割って(レシピはこちら

And the tenth day of continuing.

There was a sense of improved skin tone. The skin looks more glutinous and moisturised than usual. I also feel that my make-up is better.

By the second week, my stomach was in good shape and I started to feel stable and refreshed every two days, if not every day. I realised that it was worth continuing.

The results of drinking sake lees are available at ......

Sake lees,Lactobacillus,Fermentation,Intestinal,Intestinal environment,Smoothies

I have been taking JOGURT for two weeks, and in the first week I thought my constipation was a little better. But from the second week onwards, there was a visible improvement. I could feel not only the constipation, but also that my skin tone had improved.

Another staff member drank one fermented shake made with JOGURT for three weeks, and after two weeks her stomach and skin started to change. She felt that her stomach felt better every day, her skin felt chewy and her spots started to fade.

If you think about it, if you continue for a long time, the longer you continue, the more you will see the effects.

Sake lees are said to regulate the intestinal environment and improve skin tone.

It is difficult to keep eating sake lees as they are, but with JOGURT you can easily continue to do so every day.

If you are suffering from a physical ailment, why not give it a try?

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JOGURT, a completely plant-based yoghurt made from lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees



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JOGURT, a completely plant-based yoghurt made from lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees

JOGURT, a completely plant-based yoghurt made from lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees

JOGURT, a completely plant-based yoghurt made from lactic acid bacteria fermented sake lees


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