Easy at home! Four ways to enjoy sake x chocolate. Ponchuglia cacao is also recommended.

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Chocolate is delicious eaten on its own, but chocolate is also delicious in combination with alcohol. When it comes to alcohol and chocolate, many people may imagine a combination with whisky, brandy or cognac.

But let me tell you.

Sake and chocolate go well together.

In this article we show you how to enjoy sake and chocolate!

1) Choose the right sake = mature sake to go with your chocolate!

Chocolate contains a lot of oil, so its taste and aroma remain strong in the mouth. That is why whisky and cognac, which do not lose out to the taste of chocolate, are considered to be a good match for the drinks to be served with it.

Sake is basically a light, refreshing drink, so as it is, it may not be a good combination with chocolate. So, if you want to combine sake with chocolate, choose a sake with an alcoholic taste that will not overpower the flavour of the chocolate.

Sake,Sake Arrangements,Niigata Sake,Ponchuglia,Sake Cocktails,Pairings,Chocolate,Cacao

Sake with a high aroma and rich flavour is called 'mature sake'. Juku sake is a genre characterised by the rich taste and aroma unique to that type of sake, such as matured or old sake. There are many unique sakes out there, and they won't be overshadowed by the taste of chocolate!

Sake,Sake Arrangements,Niigata Sake,Ponchuglia,Sake Cocktails,Pairings,Chocolate,Cacao

FUKUGAO, a sake stored in whisky casks and sold in the online shop, is also a mature sake. This sake has a Western-style aroma despite being Japanese sake, due to the fact that the original sake was stored in whisky casks, but once you taste it, you will find the clean, refreshing taste of Japanese sake, making it a sake you will want to drink slowly. Of course, it also goes perfectly with chocolate.


(ii) Let's drink sake at a temperature of 40°C!

Even if you don't use old or matured sake, there are ways to make chocolate and sake go together with a twist. One of these is to match the temperature in the mouth at which the chocolate melts with the temperature of the sake! This way, the oils in the chocolate will not harden in the mouth and the sake, which has a clean taste, will not be overpowered by the taste of the chocolate.

Hot sake is also good, but lukewarm, which is closer to the temperature in the mouth, is better. The temperature for lukewarm is about 40°C. If you adjust the time, you can easily do this in a microwave oven, so give it a try.

Sake,Sake Arrangements,Niigata Sake,Ponchuglia,Sake Cocktails,Pairings,Chocolate,Cacao

How to enjoy sake hot sake & hot arrangements.

Sake can be enjoyed at various temperatures, from cold to warm. In fact, the different temperatures change the taste and aroma, so if you buy a bottle, you will want to enjoy different flavours. However, ...

Sake,Sake Arrangements,Niigata Sake,Ponchuglia,Sake Cocktails,Pairings,Chocolate,Cacaoponshu-gria.com

(iii) Add 'honey' to accompany the sweetness of the chocolate!

The key to enjoying chocolate with sake, which has a clean taste, is to bring the sake closer to the sweetness of the chocolate. Adding honey to sake creates a gentle sweetness that accompanies the chocolate. If the sake is heated before adding the honey, the two will blend well together.

4) Add 'cocoa' and snuggle up to the smell of chocolate!

You can enjoy more chocolate with sake, not only in terms of taste, but also by bringing the aroma closer to the chocolate. Why is it that just by bringing the aroma closer together, it becomes such a good match? Try it and you'll be surprised! However, it is not easy to arrange cacao, such as adding cacao liqueur or using cacao powder. In such cases, we recommend the Ponchuglia Cacao, which makes it easy to create sake cocktails using Whosecacao's speciality cacao.

Combined with FUKUGAO, a Japanese sake stored in whisky casks, which is sold as part of the set, the fruits, cocoa beans and woody aroma of the whisky casks create a cocktail with a luxurious feel. Of course, it also goes perfectly with chocolate.

Sake,Sake Arrangements,Niigata Sake,Ponchuglia,Sake Cocktails,Pairings,Chocolate,Cacao

Ponsyuglia Cacao' Ponsyuglia's official ONLINE shop.

How did you enjoy sake and chocolate? The chocolate you receive for Valentine's Day may taste even better and be more enjoyable if you enjoy it with sake. We hope you enjoy the marriage of sake and chocolate.


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