Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

Have you heard of Sakeology?

It is the "world's first academic study" originating from Niigata.

What is 'sakeology'?

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

Cushu Techo 2021-22, launched by our company (Neil) on 1 October, 'Sake Day'.

〈R3BY〉Sake Breweries & Town Tour of Niigata features a special section on Sakeology.

At that time, ten teachers from the Niigata University Centre for Japanese Sake Studies were asked to complete a questionnaire. One of the questions was.


What is 'Sakeology'? Please answer in your own words and in an easy-to-understand way.


The ten teachers' answers are -.

A discipline that can be expanded into all academic fields of study for sake.

Subject-specific, cross-disciplinary and integrated science.

The world's first discipline to cover the entire academic field of sake.

The study of sake is a discipline that can be viewed from diverse perspectives, and new values can be created.

...the study of what sake is.

The study of sake covers all areas of sake, from the production of the raw material, rice, to brewing and consumption.

A place to find out about the still unknown qualities of sake that could not be discovered alone, with the help and ideas of researchers and practitioners, as well as many other interested parties.

The Iroamon-esque study originating from Niigata University.

Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary disciplines related to sake.

The study of sake is seen as a discipline that considers the future of sake by learning about sake through a variety of academic windows, including culture, economics, medicine and biology.


If the teachers' words make you feel more familiar with the study of sake, please visit .......


In 2017, Niigata Prefecture, the Niigata Sake Brewers Association and Niigata University signed a cooperation agreement to build 'sake studies', and in April 2021, the Niigata University Centre for Sake Studies opened on the Igarashi campus of Niigata University.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

The museum has a panel introduction to sake science and an exhibition corner with representative sake from all the breweries in the prefecture.

The exhibition space can be visited freely during the following opening hours.

Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Sakeology lectures for Niigata University students will begin in April 2018, with postgraduate courses starting in 2022.


Special courses are also offered to the general public at the Sakeology Symposium, Niigata University Open Lectures and Niigata Citizen's College.

On 25 November, the First Japanese Sake Symposium will be held.


Registration is now open for the second semester of the 2021 Niigata University Open Lecture "Introduction to Sake Studies", which will be held on Fridays from 3 to 24 December (four lectures in total).

It will be streamed from Youtube. Fee 4,400 yen (free for university students and below), about 50 people wanted.

The deadline is Friday 19 November.



The ten teachers at the Centre for Sake Studies are divided into three areas: the Brewing Unit, the Social and Cultural Unit and the Health Unit.

This summer, Dr Hideo Watanabe and Dr Yuki Hata (Hata) from the Society and Culture Unit were invited to use the Honma Bunko Niigata Food Library.

They were both eagerly browsing through various books on alcohol, food and history.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!


Dr Watanabe's area of research is 'Community and Law'. In Sake Studies, he teaches a course on 'Manners of Sake'.

In his private life, he is also a Niigata Sake Gold Master.


Dr Hata's field of research is 'Japanese cultural history'. Sake Studies explains how sake was depicted in stories and paintings during the Muromachi and Edo periods, when the prototype of today's sake was born.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

A Cultural History of Drunkenness and The World of the 'Sake and Food Theory Picture Scroll', which contains articles written by Dr Hata.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

From 'Shuushan Riron Emaki' (The Picture Scroll of the Theory of Wine and Food).

In addition, a commentary on Ukiyo-e and sake written by Dr Hata is currently available on the online museum Kunisake Digital Museum.

[Commentary] Still the same? The many drinking habits


[Commentary] Trading in alcohol.


The Kunisake Digital Museum is an online museum that introduces the historical and cultural aspects of national sake (Japanese sake, authentic shochu, awamori and hon mirin). We hope you enjoy it.


Finally, as a side note, I would like to introduce the Niigata University Asahimachi Academic Archive and Exhibition Hall, where the Sake Studies Exhibition was held from 19 June to 22 August this year.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

The building of the 'Niigata University Asahimachi Academic Materials Exhibition Hall' was built in 1929 as the Niigata Normal School Memorial Hall and is a registered tangible cultural property of Japan. It has undergone renovation work since last year, and the 'Sakeology Exhibition' was held to celebrate its reopening.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

Part of the 'Sakeology' exhibition.

The results of research undertaken by teachers at the Niigata University Centre for Sake Studies were presented in cooperation with the Niigata Brewers Association and the Niigata Brewing Experiment Station.


The exhibition hall also houses a permanent exhibition, displaying and exhibiting interesting material on the history of academic research at Niigata University.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!

A stuffed ibis is also on display on the ground floor.

Learn about and enjoy sakeology!Exhibit in the human history gallery on the second floor.

The retro-style building is also a lovely place to visit.






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Introductions to breweries, events and information on sake in Niigata Prefecture, as well as initiatives of sake brewers' associations.

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