Just bake sake-kasu as it is and pour syrup over it! Easy and tasty sakekasu recipe! How to make Baked Sakekasu

Sake lees are something that I can't think of many recipes for, other than making amazake, adding them to sake lees soup, or making them into drinks and beverages.

But since it is said to be so good for beauty and health, it would be nice if it could be eaten more easily and quickly. ...... Do you ever think so?

That's why the sake lees specialist 'Hacco to go!' came up with the idea of a 'snack' that you can have in a jiffy when you're feeling peckish!

I tried baking sake lees and found them crispy and tasty, so I would like to share the recipe with you.

Recipe for a twist on sakekasu! 'Baked Sake Lees x Maple Syrup'

Have you ever tried baking sake lees and sprinkling sugar on them?

In fact, my grandma's old snack was 'burnt sake lees with sugar sprinkled on it'.

It seems that this way of eating is quite widespread throughout the country.

This way of eating is understood even when talking to people outside the prefecture, so it seems to be a standard recipe on a national level.

Then I thought I'd try a new sweet, so I gave it a go.

'Baked sake lees x maple syrup!'

Sake lees are quite sticky when eaten as they are, and some of them stick to your teeth and are difficult to eat, but by baking them, they become crispy and very easy to eat.


Easy to eat! How to make 'baked sake lees'


1) Cut sake lees into reasonable sizes.

(2) Toaster until golden brown.

(iii) Finally, drizzle some maple syrup on top and voila!

I just drizzled it with maple syrup, but it would also be delicious on salt crackers with sliced apples.

Eat it with your favourite fruit or with yoghurt. Try it in a fashionable way.



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Sake lees,Recipes,Sake

Sake lees,Recipes,Sake

Sake lees,Recipes,Sake


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