Sake lees can remove blemishes on the face! How to make homemade Koji lotion

Sake lees is good for 'blemishes'?

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As we work with such sake lees, we frequently visit the brewery. Talking with the brewers, we noticed that the toji's hands are white and clean.

When we wondered and investigated, we found that the power of koji mold is involved. It seems that an ingredient called 'kojic acid' possessed by koji mold has a skin-whitening effect. Kojic acid is an ingredient discovered in koji mould. In other words, the same ingredient is contained in 'sake-kasu' (sake lees), which is made from koji mould.

Sake lees is a by-product of sake production. It is full of ingredients that are good for beauty and health.


Sake lees is a notable skin-brightening ingredient.

That is not the only skin-brightening effect of sake lees. It also contains other whitening ingredients that are even more remarkable. We will explain them one by one, including the effects of kojic acid.

[Kojic acid].

It suppresses the production of melanin, which is the cause of spots and freckles. It is also said to be effective against spots that have been formed for a long time. It also reduces the causes of skin ageing, such as wrinkles and sagging.


Derivative of hydroquinone, which has a high whitening effect. Acts to prevent the build-up of melanin pigments formed when exposed to UV radiation.

[Ferulic acid].

Has antioxidant properties and reduces melanin production. It has a UV-absorbing effect, so when applied to the skin, ferulic acid can stop UV rays.


Ceramides are essential components of our skin. One of these is sphingolipids, which help to improve skin texture and retain moisture.

[Amino acids].

Amino acids that improve skin metabolism. Sake lees are rich in amino acids and peptides, which are the building blocks of protein. Nine of these essential amino acids (*) have a very good amino acid composition. In other words, sake lees is an excellent food supplement for body protein.

*Essential amino acids: amino acids that cannot be synthesised in the body and must therefore be supplied by food.

[Nucleic acid].

Nucleic acids are necessary for the renewal of new cells. Not only that, they also play an important role when B vitamins work in the body.

All this suggests that sake lees is powerfully effective in preventing blemishes and promoting whitening.

Try making your own whitening serum using sake lees.

Daily use of a whitening serum containing vitamin C derivatives, an ingredient that fades spots, and tranexamic acid, a preventive whitening ingredient, would certainly be effective.

But, however, such whitening serums are expensive ....... Even if you want to use them all over your body, you may not be able to use them in batches.

So I thought, "Wouldn't it be the most powerful if I could make a lotion with sake lees?" So we made an experimental version.

Good for beautiful skin! How to make a whitening serum with sake lees

1) First, weigh out 10 g sake lees and 20 g koji.

1) First, weigh out 10 g sake lees and 20 g koji.

1) First, weigh out 10 g sake lees and 20 g koji.

(ii) Put it in a non-woven cloth for dashi packs, close the mouth, put it in a glass container sterilised with alcohol and fill it with 150㎖ of water. Remember that the water is five times as much.

1) First, weigh out 10 g sake lees and 20 g koji.

(iii) Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours. Turn occasionally so that the extract is extracted from the sake lees and koji.

1) First, weigh out 10 g sake lees and 20 g koji.

(iv) Remove the bag and stir in a teaspoon of glycerine. Glycerine can be purchased at drugstores. It is a natural moisturising ingredient.

1) First, weigh out 10 g sake lees and 20 g koji.

(v) Once well stirred, transfer to an alcohol-sterilised bottle or similar and store in the refrigerator.

It made a lot more than I thought it would! I can use this all over my body without hesitation. You could put it on your shoulders and arms that have been over-exposed to the sun, or even on the top of your head where you burn the most...! It would also be good to put it in a bath and use it as a sake lees bath.

I keep it in the fridge and use it, it feels nice and cool. And I use it sparingly every morning and evening.

I actually started to feel some changes after about the second week of use, I'd like to continue for two months and see what happens.

Sake lees can be homemade from commercially available ingredients in this way, is a safe material and is inexpensive. And it's great that it also has a whitening effect...!

attention (heed)

This product is not made by a cosmetics company and may not be suitable for some people's skin. If you experience any problems that concern you, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist.


Sake lees, which may brighten your skin by a tone and make 'blemishes' disappear.

After weighing the sake lees + koji, add 5 times as much water.

Leave in the refrigerator for 8 hours and then transfer the extract to water.

All you have to do is slather it on the areas you care about, and you can expect a whitening and skin-whitening effect!

Now, why don't you make lotion with sake lees that you have around you? All you need is a trip to the supermarket and drugstore.

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