Animation showing the romance of the site of the Kitazawa floating ore dressing plant, Sado Island.

Tourism to industrial sites has recently attracted a lot of attention.

Of all the sites in Niigata Prefecture, the Kitazawa Floating Ore Dressing Plant Site in Sado City is the one that has attracted the attention of industrial heritage fans. See a video of it.

Sado Island has long been known as a gold-producing area, and during the Edo period was a 'tenryo' under the direct control of the shogunate.

In the Meiji era (1868-1912), the Sado Mine was government-owned. Western engineers were invited to the mine, and it led the way in modernisation as a model mine. One of the remnants of those days is the site of the Kitazawa Floating Beneficiation Plant. The 'best floating ore dressing plant in the East' has now finished its work and looks like the film.

A ruin that fans will be delighted to see. I hope to see it in person this year.

Ruins of Kitazawa flotation beneficiation plant.
  • (Reference) Golden Sado: http://www.sado-kinzan.com/index.php
  • Address: 1305 Shimo-Aikawa, Sado, Niigata 952-1501

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