Why do you still live in Niigata? Please tell us your reasons!

There have been many articles written in the blogosphere recently on 'why I still live in ~~'.

A popular blogger living in Fukuoka, ushigyu, summarises and talks about the six main attractions that keep me living in Fukuoka City! The quality of living and food in Fukuoka is too high ", which triggered bloggers in various cities across the country to upload articles with the same aim. These articles have been summarised in various places and have attracted a lot of attention.

A collection of the attractions of each city. Very interesting.

The 'Why I still live in ~~' series is also being written from Niigata.

In Niigata, my Facebook friends and bloggers are also blogging about the 'Why I still live in ~~' series.

These are the three that have caught on so far. Each of them is about food, the sea, less snow than expected (Niigata City), moderately urban, beautiful women! and so on, each describes what the individual thinks is attractive about the city.

Conversely, we also found blogs such as 'Why I will not return to Niigata'.

'The digital craze is slow', 'you can't talk without a car' and 'there are few anime broadcasts' are among the things mentioned that certainly...

What are your reasons for continuing to live in Niigata?

This is a great way for local residents who actually live in the town to talk about the attractions of the area in their own words.

What are your reasons for continuing to live in Niigata and what do you like about Niigata? In the Niigata Repo, we hope to compile and transmit your views.


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