Nagaoka Fireworks, the best in Japan - once again the most impressive in three years.

2 and 3 August 2022.

For the first time in three years, Nagaoka fireworks were set off.

Nagaoka Fireworks is the pride of Japan and the world.

'Memorials', 'Reconstruction', 'Prayers for Peace'.

On 1 August 1945, Nagaoka was burnt to the ground in an air raid during the Pacific War.

The following year, the Nagaoka Reconstruction Festival was held, and the fireworks display was revived the year after that.

Another major earthquake, the Chuetsu earthquake, hit Nagaoka in 2004.

The Phoenix Fireworks, which can be called synonymous with Nagaoka fireworks, was created as a symbol of recovery from the earthquake.

Thus, Nagaoka has a civic character that has risen again and again from numerous difficulties.

We would like people to see such Nagaoka fireworks for peace in the world, so we are posting a video on this page.

2022 Nagaoka Fireworks Fireworks Phoenix for reconstruction


2022 Nagaoka Fireworks Shosanshakudama

2022 Nagaoka Fireworks This Sky Flower

2022 Nagaoka Fireworks - One Hometown.

2022 Nagaoka Hanami Tenjin Hanami

2022 Nagaoka Fireworks, 100 rice bale fireworks, 100 series of shakudama.

2022 Nagaoka Fireworks: a message of light

2022 Nagaoka Fireworks memorial fireworks White chrysanthemum

If you have the opportunity to come to Japan, please come and see the Nagaoka Fireworks in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.



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