Sake can be bought in jackets! Unique sake labels - what's the point!

Sake can be bought in jackets! Find your own favourites!

There are currently more than 1,400 sake breweries in the country and more than 10,000 different brands. With that many varieties, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Moreover, the sake has

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There are many terms that are difficult to understand in just one word, such as.

Certainly, you get to know them one by one.

It may become more enjoyable once you understand the interest in sake, the interest and the differences between brands, but...

It is quite a hurdle to overcome.

One of the best ways to choose from such a wide variety of sake is to 'jackets'!

When you think of sake labels, you probably have this image of a bold font written with a brush.

Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

But in the last few years, there's been an increase in stylish, uniquely designed bottles that seem to be turning the image of sake on its head!

This issue introduces some attractive sake bottles that may change the values of how you choose sake.



  • Mitsuo Yamakawa
  • Special Junmai sake for glasses only
  • ZuZOOt Asahiyama Set.
  • SABA de SHU.
  • Label design possibilities.
  • There are so many ways to enjoy sake!


Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

This Yamakawa Mitsuo is a unit of four breweries in Yamagata Prefecture, named after each letter of the brand name.

The mountain is owned by the Mitobe Brewery, whose representative brand is Yamagata Masamune.

The river is the Tatenokawa Brewery, which has Tatenokawa as its representative brand.

Hikari is the Kojima Sohonten, whose representative brands include Toko and Nori.

The man is Otokoyama Shuzo, whose representative brand is Hanyo Otokoyama.

These four warehouses were personified in unison by Mitsuo Yamakawa.

The way Mitsuo Yamakawa changes his appearance on the label depending on the type of sake is also noteworthy.

The label depicts a charming figure full of local love, dancing the Kuromori Kabuki, a local performance of Sakata City, playing shogi (Japanese chess) in a Tendo-like manner, and eating imoni (stewed potatoes) in a Yamagata-like manner.

Sometimes they travel around the world and are soothed by labels that make them smile.

The website also includes an explanation of the label, so have a peek!

The label can simultaneously express not only the taste characteristics of the sake, but also the local character and culture.

You can also enjoy labels as art.

Special Junmai sake for glasses only

Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

Glasses only! What the heck! This is another one that makes you do a double-take.

This sake was named after the fact that all the brewers, including the master brewer, wore glasses!

It may be wild indeed to delve deeper into whether it was a coincidence or whether they went along with it.

Oh, wait a minute, that would mean that the drinker would also have to wear glasses to be able to buy and drink!

Don't worry, you can take it with you. You can indeed drink there, whether you're a contact wearer or a naked eye wearer!

The centre of the label is marked with an illustration of a face wearing glasses and

The product was commercialised with a unique design, including a 'Landolt ring' symbol used in vision tests on the shoulder label.

The product quickly became a hit with sake fans and sold out as soon as it went on sale.

Still, it's a novel idea to use that as the label just because all the makers are glasses.

The creator's playfulness makes it fun for the buyer's customers too!

ZuZOOt Asahiyama Set.

Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

Soft drawing touches, those animals are adorable!

The Asahikawa Zoo in Hokkaido is also an official one-cup, depicting the animals of the Asahikawa Zoo.

This lovely illustration is drawn by Hokkaido-based illustrator Michiko Abe.

It's a pretty label to bring on a picnic, one that blends in with the landscape!

It is a perfect fit for the natural location.

I'd use it as a souvenir or gift!


Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

Sake brewed with the sole purpose of pairing mackerel with sake.

The perfect combination of multiple types of sake is used to increase the acidity and amino acid content of the mackerel, which helps to shed the mackerel fat and

They say it's designed so that you can enjoy the flavour...!

It is amazing. The work of art, the result of meticulous calculations, is a work of architecture itself.

The labels are more simply structured to give customers information on mackerel and sake only, and

As the main target group was set as "women who like mackerel", dozens of women were interviewed.

They decided on the design based on opinions such as, "Saba is prettier vertically than horizontally."

It is the kind of sake that core fans of mackerel and sake will go wild for.

Other sake is dedicated to meat, or cheese.

Sake is also being developed with the main idea of pairing it with food.

Sake is not only to be drunk on its own, but there are also sake products that are designed to be paired with food.

Label design possibilities.

The sake label is the very face of the product.

While numerous sake brands were lined up at the liquor store, the

Unique label design may be required to express individuality.

Why not choose your favourite sake with your own favourite label design?

You're bound to discover something new!

In recent years, an increasing number of breweries have been developing highly planned products in small batches in addition to their mainstay products in large batches.

That spirit of challenge is reflected not only in the taste of the sake, but also in the label.

The diverse world of sake is expanding.

The enjoyment will continue to be unlimited, not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of labels and naming.

There are so many ways to enjoy sake!

There was a time during the high economic growth period when sake used to be primarily drunk to get drunk.

And in modern times, the variety of alcoholic beverages, such as beer and chuhai, has increased.

Hence, there was a resistance to sake and a tendency for people to enjoy it only if they were strong drinkers.

However, over the past few years the ways in which sake can be enjoyed have been expanding.

Other blogs also provide information on the various ways to enjoy sake.

Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

Sake,Sake design,Label,Jacket,Unique design,Sake arrangement,Ponchuglia

Sake is not just for getting drunk anymore.

Enjoy the design of the labels while drinking, or enjoy your own original cocktails based on various arrangements.

We hope that everyone enjoys the way sake adds colour to everyday life.


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