How to enjoy sake hot in the microwave & hot arrangements.

Sake can be enjoyed at various temperatures, from cold to warm. In fact, the taste and aroma changes at different temperatures, so if you buy a bottle, you will want to enjoy a variety of flavours.

Just how should it be warmed up? What is the right temperature? Many people have problems with this. But don't worry! Just pop it in the microwave! You can easily heat up your own hot sake in the microwave!

The rule of thumb is to heat at 600 W for approx. 1 minute.



To make a microwave hot drink, 600W for 1 minute.

To microwave sake, as a guide, heat 150 ml of sake at 600 W for 1 minute to 50°C.

By the way, many people think, "Isn't all sake heated?" In fact, sake is called different things depending on its temperature.

Hot sake is sake that has been heated to 50°C; at around 40°C it is called 'lukewarm' and at 35°C it is called 'human skin warming'.

The approximate times for heating 150 ml of sake in a 600 W microwave are as follows

Temperature nameHeating guidelines55°C Tobikiri kan 50°C Hot kan 1 min 45°C Kamikan 50 sec 40°C Lukewarm kan 35°C Hitohada kan 40 sec 30°C Hyuhada kan 30 sec

*Variation depends on the pre-heating temperature and other factors.

Easy to heat up in the microwave.

The taste at each temperature varies considerably in flavour. From sun-heated to lukewarm, the aroma is enhanced and the taste is fluffy. It is said to feel dryer when it is top-heated to tobikiri-heated. If you're new to heated sake (warmed sake), try starting at lower temperatures to find out what you like!

Incidentally, when microwaving, beware of uneven temperatures! When microwaving, both food and drink do not warm up evenly. So, before drinking, stir the drink with a muddler or similar to eliminate uneven temperatures.


Hot sake is fun to arrange! Try Ponchuglia hot too!

Heated sake can be drunk on its own, but it can also be enjoyed in different arrangements. A hidden favourite is 'hot karupishu', which is heated sake mixed with calpis. We recommend a ratio of 8 parts sake to 2 parts calpis. ( How to make Karupishu)

Ponchuglia How to enjoy (2).

Ponshu Guria, a sake cocktail ingredient, is also recommended to be enjoyed hot.

Flavours recommended for hotting up are Yuzu, Momo and Apple! Incidentally, Ponchuglia bottles are convenient as they can be used directly in the microwave.

Honshu Greer Tea is a definite match for hot!

Sake cocktail element Ponchu Greer Tea tastes great hot too!

And if you want to enjoy it hot, Ponchuglia Tea, a black tea-flavoured sake cocktail, is a perfect match for all the flavours: peach tea, lemon tea and apple tea! Tea tastes great warmed up, so maybe it's no surprise...? Try it!


What the heck, we've even developed a 'hot-glazed' Ponchuglia!

And... we had a lot of talk in the development room about how we'd like to have a little sip of heated sake...

The sake cocktail Ponchuglia even has a flavour dedicated to hot sake!

We've even made a ponchuglia specifically for hot water!

Here in winter 2020-21, two flavours are available: oden dashi and yuzu ponzu. Some people might say, "Don't the members of the development office just want to drink it...?" But... but... but... they've all been well received by everyone, so don't worry! Try it for yourself!

And they even made 'soup'!

Anyway, in the Ponchuglia Development Office, which is researching various ways to enjoy sake, the love of heated sake has grown, to the point where...

Sake cocktail Ponchuglia now available in soup flavour.

They even made soup! For the winter 2020-21 season, we offer two flavours: minestrone and clam chowder.

Eh? "Does soup with sake taste good?" What?

See. You use cooking wine to make your food taste better. It adds umami and richness of flavour... So the combination of sake and soup is... to put it mildly, the best... ugh.

Try these soup cocktails that warm you up slowly, perfect for the cold winter months!


Sake is at its best hot-arranged!

Sake at different temperatures! Try it in all sorts of different ways!

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