What is the attraction of Yomogihira Onsen, which is known as the "Yomogihira Onsen", a hot spring for good luck in the backwaters of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture?

It takes about 30 minutes by bus from JR nagaokastation. niigataIn a rich natural setting surrounded by the mountains of the prefecture nagaokacity, there is a hot spring resort yomogihira, which has been known as the "back seat of nagaoka".

yomogihiraThe history of the hot springs is long, dating back more than 600 years.

nanchogataA vassal of the famous general Masanori Kusunokiwas wounded and wandering in the mountains when a dragon god appeared and told him the location of a sacred spring, to which he went and found a white spring. When he soaked himself in the spring, the wound disappeared immediately. This spring is said to be the source of the yomogihirahot spring, and this legend has been passed down to the villagers.

Image of Japanese hot springs

The villagers built a shrine to honour the legend of the dragon god and have continued to protect it. koryuThe shrine is located a little further up the mountain from the hot spring and is a power spot that attracts many people from within and outside the prefecture. koryuThe shrine is located a little further up the mountain from the yomogihirahot spring and is a power spot that many people from inside and outside niigatathe prefecture visit to benefit from the legend of the dragon god. As a hot spring to heal its worshippers after their long journey, koryutogether with the shrine, they visit yomogihirathe hot spring.

Koryu Shrine in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.

The quality of the hot spring water is very popular among women, as it is thick and smooth on the skin and makes the skin smooth and silky after a soak. yomogihiraThere are three onsen inns. Each of them has its own hot spring, so it is recommended to visit all of them for a tour of the hot springs, as they are said to feel slightly differently on the skin.

yomogihiraThe hot spring is located at the entrance to the town, past a large torii gate. From here onwards koryuit is also the beginning of the shrine, meaning that it is a sacred area. yomogihiraIf you visit the hot springs, you will of course want to koryualso visit the shrine. koryuYou can have a superb experience of receiving power at the shrine and being healed in the hot spring with the rich natural scenery.

Entrance to the Yomogihira hot spring area in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture.

The best part of travelling is experiencing the local history and culture. niigataThe prefecture nagaokacity has a lot of old history and culture. nagaokaIn yomogihiraof the How about experiencing Japanese history and culture in a different space than usual at a hot spring?

yomogihiraAfter enjoying the hot springs, a good place to stop off together is settaya, which is about 20 minutes away by bus. This is a town where the brewing culture has flourished since ancient times, and sake, miso and soy sauce are still made in the breweries that remain. It is a place where you can enjoy not only Japanese food culture but also walking around the town, so if you go to nagaoka, we recommend you stop by.

LIS Setagaya, a renovated storehouse built in 1930 in the 'brewing town of Setagaya', Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture.

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LIS settaya Japan

LOCAL IDENTITY STORE 'LIS Setsudaya' A storehouse built in 1930 was renovated to collect local values and lifestyle. The building itself has its own charm with a reinforced concrete structure with two floors above ground and one below, known as a French truss. The shop offers a space that can only be experienced here, and a sense of the quality of Niigata's products and lifestyle gathered from the region.

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