'I'm a Niigata Prefecture resident' is too funny to be true! Are you really from Niigata Prefecture?

Do you know how to spot a 'nikka kenponin', a popular topic of conversation on twitter?

The exchange begins with "It's me, from XX prefecture", and then the participants try to find out if they are really from the same prefecture by seeing if they can recognise the "one thing" of each prefecture. Let's take a look at the Niigata Prefecture version!

Here it is (laughs): they are all local commercial interactions! Let's see more and more of the work!

What do you think? There it is!" There are many stories that make you laugh. In some cases, they are used as a way of detecting a fake.

Catching Niigata Prefecture residents who had been impersonating Nagano Prefecture residents!

My friend was a victim ... tears.

And well, this is how it's happening on twitter. Of course, they are made all over the country and there are even summaries.

I'm from the prefecture of 00" - a compilation of 47 prefectures #I'm from the prefecture #I'm from the prefecture #There are prefectures

Well, the internet is fun... (laughs) Were you a proper Niigata resident?


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