Get Niigata Bishojo Zukan vol 24! This issue features a cover that's a little hard to pick up.

I got vol. 24 of the Niigata Bishojo Zukan, published on 15 December! I got it at Bandai Billboard Place. This issue has a cover that makes men in their twenties a bit hesitant to pick it up alone (laughs), so I stuffed it into my bag with a bit of trepidation.

Get Niigata Bishojo Zukan vol 24! This issue features a cover that's a little hard to pick up.

Bishojo Zukan is now nationally famous, but it started in Niigata. (It is a free paper started by TEXFARMunder the declaration "Let's increase the number of beautiful girls in town".

As a medium that is unique in the country in that it is distributed free of charge while boasting high quality, it has attracted a high level of attention from various quarters, and has been featured in TV programmes, newspapers and other media (media pages), attracting a lot of attention from young people.
It is so popular that a limited number of copies (10-20 000, depending on the area) run out within a week of publication, and is also known as a 'fantastic free paper' because of the short time it is available on the market.
The content is a fashion magazine featuring 'ordinary girls' living in the town as models and photographed on locations in 'the streets of the area' that are familiar to everyone. It is also characterised by the fact that it is financed by creators who publish their work. The magazine is published twice a year (depending on the area) with the support of companies that agree with its aims and cooperate with the magazine by providing "cooperation in shooting locations", "cooperation in costumes", etc.

The first issue was published in 2002. It is a medium that has been enlivening the city of Niigata for more than a decade now. It is surprising that there are now regional Bishojo Zukan published in more than 40 locations across the country. The fact that ordinary girls living in each town and city appear in the magazine as models makes it quite popular among young women. It is true that "XX-chan is in the magazine" is a good incentive to go and get a free paper.

Texfarm: http://www.texfarm.com/

Beautiful girls' book: http://bishoujo-zukan.jp/

A new section 'sweeter by.cozi' starts in this issue.

I usually just pick up a Bishojo Zukan and flip through it, but if you look carefully, you will see that it has a proper table of contents.

Niigata Bishojo Zukan Vol. 24 The GIRL Contents

  • 002 sweeter by.cozi
  • 024 Write KASHA
  • 082 Nagaoka Bishojo Zukan presents 'party caravan'.
  • 090 Report on the original brand "toiro" from Gosen, Niigata
  • 096 Joetsu Bishojo Zukan presents 'JOETSU STRANGERS'.
  • 112 Editorial Postscript.

The volume is over 100 pages. And the cover was from the new section sweeter by.cozi.

Get Niigata Bishojo Zukan vol 24! This issue features a cover that's a little hard to pick up.

The models' twitter accounts are listed, so you can check out the tweets of the girls you're interested in. Many of the photos have a slightly unrealistic atmosphere and are very interesting!

Does this issue have a different cover in different regions?

In the editor's postscript to Vol. 24, it seems that "there are three cover patterns for each area of Niigata, Nagaoka and Joetsu" as a story between us. Well, I'm also interested in the covers of other areas! If you got it in Nagaoka or Joetsu, please tell us about the cover design!

The next issue of Niigata Bishojo Zukan will be published on 15 February 2014. We look forward to seeing what the design will look like and what models will appear.


*This article has been automatically translated.


Niigata Repo is a web magazine that makes Niigata more enjoyable, with local residents themselves acting as writers and describing their "experiences" and "subjectivity".

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